• Solutions to Drive Change, Mitigate Risk, and Achieve Process Excellence

  • Business Process Management

  • Risk Management

  • Integration Management

  • Project Management

BD Consulting Group knows that successful organizations remain competitive by focusing on the fundamentals: Customers, Quality, Priorities and Measurement. We provide management consulting services to companies undertaking significant change. We are change experts who transform businesses through high-value solutions with skilled execution and sustainable results. By focusing on methods to improve quality and operational efficiency, we deliver management solutions that optimize your return on investment at the lowest possible cost. Whether you are merging and integrating organizations, reengineering your processes to enhance your customer experience, or ensuring a healthy organization through regulatory compliance and risk mitigation, we have the know-how to get you there with speed, accuracy, and continued, quantifiable results.


Broad and deep industry experience comes from more than 20 years of hands-on, successful change execution in the financial services arena.


Skilled consultants step up with specific industry and line of business expertise and objectivity that engages clients through common language and experience, assuring consistent focus and stakeholder adoption.


Targeted skillsets and experience minimizes learning curves, “leans out” work requirements, mitigates roadblocks, and provides industry best practice perspective.

BD Consulting Group provides

only highly experienced, knowledgeable and skilled consultants and business partners to ensure our clients’ initiatives are successful.

Business Process Management

  • End-to-end process engineering expertise in all financial services areas
  • Process and organizational mapping, analysis, design and implementation experience
  • Focus on service and control improvement and expense reduction objectives
  • Expertise in process engineering toolsets and methodologies

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Risk Management

  • Industry professionals with recent, deep risk management experience
  • Management programs and solutions to improve risk, compliance and control
  • Key Control assessment, development, mapping and implementation
  • Tools to enhance organization-wide risk performance

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Integration Management

  • M&A assessment, design, organizational readiness and implementation support
  • Focus on optimizing integration strategy, operations and human capital to deliver shareholder value
  • Process, product, technical and physical/site integration and consolidation
  • Expertise gained through 100s of integration projects over the last two plus decades

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Project Management

  • Professional PMs with expertise in financial services and other industries
  • Certified in Project Management Institute’s PMP, Lean and Six Sigma, Hammer and other process and project methodologies
  • Experienced professionals at all levels Analyst through Project/Program Leadership
  • Ability to manage and support any size change initiative

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Solutions to Drive Change, Mitigate Risk, and Achieve Process Excellence